Leslie “LA” Garcia

Owner /Hip Hop, Street Jazz/Funk, Whaacking, Contemporary, Jazz, Drill Team, Pom, Burlesque Body Cardio (formally Cardio Striptease)

With over 35 years of experience, Leslie has studied under many master instructors and choreographers in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop/Funk, Ballet, Tap, Breakdancing, Whaacking, House, and Cardio-Fitness.

Working with children as young as 2 ½ years old to senior adults, Leslie is widely known for her unique cutting-edge dance style, award-winning choreography and unique music mixes with amateur and professional dance/drill team across the U.S. and dance competitions nationwide. She has made a huge name for herself as an instructor and choreographer in Texas for her incredible musicality and creativity in all aspects of Urban dance and traditional styles.

Leslie was the first ever UT Dance Team Coach and now is the Artist/Asst. Director for the Concordia High School Flight Crew. She owns Cutting Edge Dance and Music as well as her studio company Urban Dance Empire. Leslie is also the creator, director and owner of the 3 time Grand National Award Winning and 5 time National Winning team, 2 Hype Hip Hop Company now known as The Empire. She is also currently the founder and director of Lab Ratz Hip Hop Company. Leslie also created past performance teams such as Contagious Dance Force and 210 Hype, as well as a choreographer and dancer for Planet Funk Entertainment, Atomic Productions, Urban Dance Movement, Austin Dance Works and 24 Hour Fitness. She was also master instructor for American Ballet Theatre Intensive Program for many years and for the past 15 years has been working independently with school districts in the state of Texas. Leslie works at studios all over the U.S. teaching dance classes, camps, specialized choreography, and judging competitions and try-outs. On top of her dance talents, Leslie also creates specialized music for individual studios, camps, and performance groups for competitions, recitals, and industry shows and has been a local DJ in Austin for many years.

Her extreme passion for music and dance, comedic teaching style, and dance knowledge makes her one of the most sought out dance instructors and choreographers in the U.S.. Leslie was nicknamed the “First Lady of Hip Hop” in Austin, TX where she resides. You can catch her teaching at a regular basis throughout the Austin area.


Mersadyz “Benz” Elizardo

Dancehall Princess, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, PUMP It Up Heels Hip Hop



Sadie Brinkman

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Improv

Sadie began dancing at the age of 13. She was quickly recognized as a natural talent and was encouraged to audition for her studio’s competition dance team. After 2 years, she was placed onto her studio’s elite team and was acknowledged by teachers and peers for her consistent improvement and unique style.

In 2015, while attending Talent On Parade’s Dance Directive, she caught the attention of Don Mirault and was scouted to attend his dance school, Theater Arts Preparatory School, in Las Vegas. She completed the program in March of 2017. Sadie specializes in contemporary, ballet, jazz, and improv but has trained extensively in all styles of dance.

She continues to train and pursue her dance career while teaching at Urban Dance Empire.

Marlys Mendez – Hair Queen

Issy Marak – Prop King

Lillian – Senior Assistant

Linden – Junior Assistant


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