New FRP age group starting in October! 8-11 yrs. old on Saturday mornings. Stay tuned for more details. See below for monthly tuition costs or visit Registration and Class Card page for second payment option.

Future Royalty Program

The Future Royalty Program is designed to foster a foundation of dance so that our students are ready to move on at the age of 8, either to the 8 and up classes at UDE focusing on other urban styles or to another program focusing on classic technique. We hope to build relationships between students and encourage children with every class. Each class will build on the children’s physical developments and they will discover mechanics of music: what is a steady beat? why do we count to eight? why do we dance slow or fast? We do this all while having fun and dancing to music.

Registration Fee (non-refundable): 


$25/ea add’l family member

Monthly Rates: 

30 mins –        $45

45 mins –        $50

1 hour –           $55

1.5 hours –      $70

(Sibling discount: $5 off/ea family member)

For Registration or Parent Portal Link:

Class Day: Classes begin Aug. 22nd! (Prorated rate will apply)

Saturday mornings

Class Times, Classes, and Ages:

9-9:45am        Creative Movement   2-3 yrs old

10-10:30am   Ballet                          4-5 yrs old

10:30-11am   Tap                             4-5 yrs old

11-11:30am   Hip Hop                     4-5 yrs old

12-1pm           Ballet/Tap                  6-7 yrs old

1-1:45pm       Hip Hop                      6-7 yrs old

Class Descriptions:

Creative Movement

In this class, we will discover our feet and our toes, our knees and our nose, and every thing that grows. We will walk across stones, work on balancing, and hop here and there and everywhere. The aim is to continue gross motor development, begin to find a steady beat, and learn what being a good friend looks like. We will work on beginning to follow single step directions and learn cool down exercises for in and out of class. This class is all about having fun, moving, and grooving.

Dress Code:

Hair – Pulled back out of face.

Clothes – Comfortable clothing or dance outfit.

Shoes – Barefoot, clean tennis shoes, or ballet shoes. No socks.


This class focuses on the basics of ballet. We start with our basics of ballet from placement, positions, and movement! In this class we will play games discovering music and grow as dancers and friends.

Dress Code:

Hair – Pulled back out of face.

Ballet – Leotard, tights, and skirt. Can be any color.


This class focuses on the basics of tap. We start with our basics of tap from toe taps, shuffles, digs, and more! In this class we will play games discovering music and grow as dancers and friends.

Dress Code:

Hair – Pulled back out of face.

Tap – Comfortable clothing and tap shoes.

Hip Hop

We will begin learning the basics of hip hop starting with levels, hands, body placement, and basic movement. Every week we will learn a short combo to a fun song to show off our moves!  We will play games to discover rhythm and steady beats.

Dress Code:

Hair – Pulled back out of face.

Hip Hop  – Comfortable clothing, clean tennis shoes.

Hip Hop 6-7 yrs. old

Come learn some great hip hop moves in this 45 minute class!! This class is focused on building a solid foundation in preparation for joining the 8 yrs and up classes at UDE. We will learn the basics of hip hop: levels, hands, basic movement and more! Every week we will learn short grooving combos to a fun song to show off our moves.

Dress Code:

Hair – Pulled back out of face.

Hip Hop – Comfortable clothing, clean tennis shoes.

To register for 2020-2021 sessions: (Online registration coming soon!)

  1. Visit our studio to fill out and sign a new registration form and liability waiver.
  2. Placement is made by age and ability.
  3. Pay the $40/child ($25/add’l family member) registration fee plus 1st month tuition to secure place in class. (1st month tuition will be based on when starting class during current month.)
  4. Payments may be made by cash, check, credit card, PayPal (, or Venmo (@urbandanceempire). If paying by credit card, an authorization form must be filled out and returned to studio.
  5. Drop off registration form, waivers, registration fee, CC authorization form (if applicable), and tuition off at studio or mail to studio address. We will email confirmation when received and send you link to Parent Portal.
  6. Classes begin Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 and August will be prorated to ½ month.
  7. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and late on the 4th. A $35 late fee will be added to tuition and a $5 daily late fee will be added up to the 15th of the month at which time dancer will be suspended from class until payment is made. Parent is still responsible for payment even if dancer is not attending class. Full payment must be made for dancer to return to class. Statements are not sent unless an account is delinquent.
  8. Tuition is the same amount regardless of long/short months. Tuition is based on 4 lessons per month with extra weeks on certain months and 2 performances applied to shorter months. There are NO refunds or adjustments due to absences, but makeup lessons are allowed and encouraged. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  9. If it is necessary to terminate a dancer’s enrollment before the end of the year, a written notification to the studio 30 day prior to the 1st of the month is required. If dancer drops before 30-day notice is received, payment for following month is still due.
  10. There is a $35 charge on all returned checks.
  11. Students are automatically enrolled in Holiday Showcase (December) and The Royal Ball Showcase (May) unless given written notice prior to costume order. Once costume is paid and ordered, NO refunds will be given for costume after order date regardless of participation.

2020-21           Schedule of Events                                                               ____


8                Come and Go Sign up Event 10am-12pm

15              Come and Go Sign up Event 10am-12pm

22              Fall session begins


5                Closed Holiday


1                Holiday Showcase Costume Fee Due – $20 (due w/ tuition)

31              Halloween Costume Party


28              Closed Holiday


5                Holiday Showcase Mandatory Practice (during class)

12              Holiday Showcase Performance (during class time on Throne Room Stage). Last session class.

19-31         Closed Holiday


1-8              Closed Holiday

1                  The Royal Ball Showcase Costume Fee Due – $60 (due w/ tuition)

9                  Spring session begins


20                Closed Spring Break (Note: There is class on the 13th)


3                   Closed Holiday


22                 The Royal Ball Showcase Mandatory Dress Rehearsal (during  class time). Last session classes.

                      The Royal Ball Showcase Performance 5-6:30pm on Throne Room Stage followed by end of the                                year Royal Ball Family Dance Party. 

June-July      Summer Camps will be announced and available for registration by March 1st, 2021.

coming soon....

new classes