If it’s on the radio or internet, it’s likely to be played in class but edited for age level.  If taking an adult class, some music may not be edited.


Acro – Class includes flexibility, balancing and conditioning exercises, mixed with tumbling and gymnastic elements, to create strong and versatile dancers.

Ballet – Students learn ballet vocabulary and class structure. There will be an emphasis on correct posture and positioning. Students will focus on developing ballet technique and reinforce their physical strength, flexibility, and musicality.

Barre Booty Bootcamp (B3) – A hybrid workout class combining ballet-inspired moves with elements dance, and strength training. Most classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches.

Commercial Jazz – This class is for the dancer who has a basic foundation in Jazz and Hip Hop already. There is NO technique taught in this class. You need to have some knowledge of both styles. It’s a sassy dance style that is a blend of hip hop, jazz and the latest dance steps, choreographed to popular songs. Commercial jazz is flashy, fun and likely a style that you would see on music videos, commercials, or on stage with backup dancers. 

Contemporary – A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet that connect thru emotions and fluid dance movements.

Dancehall –  Dancehall is a fun, high-energy, feel-good style from the dancehall of Jamaica. Since it’s a social dance, all the moves are simple enough for anyone at the party to enjoy. Dancehall culture is about living in the music and celebrating the people around you.

Hip Hop – Hip Hop classes explore from Current Style, Freestyle, Funk, Old School, Contemporary, etc.  Dancers are taught basics of Hip Hop movement in every level. Hip-hop dance is always a direct result of the world’s hip-hop culture relating to their music, art, fashion, and expression. Hip-hop is a street style with a wide range but always representing self-expression.

Jazz Funk – Jazz Funk is for the dancer who has a basic foundation in Jazz and Hip Hop already. There is NO technique taught in this class. You need to have some knowledge of both styles. This class is designed to combine the strength, flexibility and skill of jazz with the hard hitting attitude, groove and funk of hip hop. Classes include warm-up, possible across the floor combinations and fun combos. Jazz Funk is an energetic dance form always honoring the contemporary pop culture. 

Leaps and Turns – A technique class focusing on improving balance, flexibility, body alignment, and strength with emphasis on proper execution of various turns, leaps, and jumps.

Improv – A class that teaches the process of spontaneously creating movement. Development of improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations including body mapping through levels, shape and dynamics schema.

Pump It Up Hip Hop Heels –  A high energy, action packed hip hop dance class done in heels! This class can be done with or without heels and men and women are invited to take class! Heels are not required but encouraged.

Sass It Up Heels – A high energy, action packed sassy, commercial jazz dance class done in high heels! This class can be done with or without heels and men and women are invited to take class! Heels are not required but encouraged.

Stretch and Strength – This class will teach how stretching properly helps to prevent injury, by making the muscles more pliable. In addition, students will work on improving posture, increasing flexibility and range of motion and strengthening the muscles.

Strip It Off Cardio – A sexy workout class combining basic cardio and sassy dance moves, core training, and a fun combo at the end of class that can be used for your own personal entertainment. Be sure to bring a towel and water.

Style Roulette – A class based on rotating all styles offered UDE to give everyone a chance to experience all urban dance has to offer.

Urban Funk – A stylized hip hop class based on the smooth and rhythmical beat side of RnB and Groove. A class with a lot of feel and attitude.

Urban Roulette – Other styles urban dance are taught in this class on a rotating wheel from Contemp-Hop, House, Shuffling, Waaacking, Street Jazz/Funk, etc for all levels.

Video VibeZ – Have you seen a dance routine in a music video, social media, or on a show and wish you could learn it? This fun open level class is based on choreography seen on from RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Kpop, House, etc. 


Hip Hop/Urban Styles

Any funky, stretchable clothing such as t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, sweatpants, basketball shorts, leggings, etc that are comfortable. No blue jean attire, skirts, or skorts. Tennis shoes are required. No barefoot, jazz shoes, or flip flops. Hats, visors, etc and fun hairstyles are always welcome.

Pump It Up Heels

Any fun, sassy dance attire that is stretchable and comfortable. Heels are encouraged but not necessary for class. May be danced in tennis shoes or barefoot.

Additional Studio Policies, Terms, and Conditions (See Class Card page for more info.)

Payment and Fees: All classes must be paid for in advance. Dues for Membership accounts must be paid by automatic draft. An additional fee of $35.00 plus damages, if any, will be charged by UDE to account for credit/debit card charges returned due to insufficient funds (NSF). Studio will be closed on all major holidays. There will be no extensions or refunds on class cards or unlimited VIP memberships.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. No extensions, refunds, transfers, or credits for missed classes or workshops. Studio closures may be necessary from time to time due to weather conditions or other causes beyond our control; no refunds for cancelled classes due to these causes.

Class Schedule & Substitutions: UDE reserves the right to change any scheduled class and/or provide a substitute instructor for any scheduled class without notice. You are not guaranteed a spot if class reaches maximum capacity.

Class Etiquette: Student agrees to comply with studio standards of class etiquette – refer to website for more details. Students are expected to arrive at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time for any class. Use of tobacco products is not permitted in the studio.

Photo Release: Dancers hereby grants permission to UDE for use of any photographs and/or videos in or out of classes that may be used in brochures, web sites, posters, advertisements and other promotional material and permission to copyright photography used.

Safety: We are dedicated to safe practices to prevent injury. Dancers agrees to not participate if alcohol or food has recently been consumed. Stop class if you are dizzy, overheated, or short of breath. Dance/gym bags are a safety hazard and are not permitted on the dance floor.

Children: Children cannot be left unattended outside of classroom or building and must have parental consent to participate in any studio activity. Specific classes for age groups and adults are offered – please refer to the website or Facebook page for class schedule for class times.

Lost and Found: UDE and the instructors are not responsible for a dancers lost, stolen or any damaged personal property. Any items found will be held for a period of not less than 30 days.

Choreography: All class formats and choreography are the property of UDE and are not to be duplicated.

  • For your convenience, benches and tables are provided outside of the classroom/studio.
  • Loitering and Soliciting are prohibited in and around the UDE property.
  • UDE reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.
  • Observation of classes is not permitted inside of the studio without permission by instructor or studio owner.
  • No food, gum or open liquid containers are permitted in studios.
  • Cell phones must be set on silent while attending a class.

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